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PV-BN3H1A: The Vanguard of Solar Junction Boxes

Zhejiang Boneng‘s commitment to innovation is exemplified in the PV-BN3H1A, a clamping type high-quality crystal silicon junction box designed for the modern solar energy industry. This article outlines the detailed product properties and performance of the Full potting 1500V good quality split junction box PV-BN3H1A.

Product Properties

Seal Waterproof Design: The Full potting 1500V good quality split junction box PV-BN3H1A features a seal waterproof design, eliminating the need for glue sealing and simplifying the production process. This design is particularly suitable for small power crystal silicon PV modules, employing back connection technology for a simple yet effective structure.

Customizable Diode Current Size: The junction box can be equipped with various types of diode current sizes, tailored to meet customer requirements, ensuring versatility across different solar power applications.

Energy Efficiency: By reducing the power consumption of PV modules, the Full potting 1500V good quality split junction box PV-BN3H1A enhances electrical reliability and contributes to the overall efficiency of solar energy systems.

Performance and Installation

Ribbon Alignment: Proper alignment with the mounting hole of the terminal base is crucial for optimal performance.

Adhesive and Sealing: The use of specific types of potting glue ensures a reliable sealant level above the top surface of diodes and terminal base, safeguarding against electrical shock risks.

Soldering: Reliable soldering between ribbons and terminals is essential, necessitating professionally trained operators to avoid any soldering errors that could damage the diodes.

Anti-Static Protection: Handling and soldering of the junction box require anti-static protection techniques to prevent damage from static shock.

Polarity Connection: Correct polarity connection is vital to prevent fire hazards.

Quality Checks: Diodes should be examined before shipping to ensure they have not been compromised by heat or static shock.

Professional Handling: Installation and maintenance should only be conducted by professional personnel to ensure safety and proper functioning.

Electric Shock Prevention: During assembly or disassembly, connectors must be isolated from the power supply to protect against electric shock.

Safe Disconnection: The junction box should not be connected or disconnected under load to prevent damage.

Corrosion Avoidance: Keeping the connector away from corrosive materials during assembly is essential for maintaining the integrity of the junction box.

In conclusion, the Full potting 1500V good quality split junction box PV-BN3H1A from Zhejiang Boneng is a forward-thinking solution that stands at the vanguard of solar junction boxes. Its innovative design and customizable features make it a key component in enhancing the performance and reliability of solar energy systems, while its rigorous safety and quality standards ensure it meets the demands of the industry. Zhejiang Boneng’s dedication to excellence is clearly reflected in the Full potting 1500V good quality split junction box PV-BN3H1A, making it an indispensable asset for any solar energy application.

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Post time: Mar-18-2024