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Professional Manufacturing 1000V MC4 Connector: A High-Performance and Long-Life Product

Zhejiang Boneng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and production of solar cell moudle junction boxes and connectors. One of our outstanding products is the Professional Manufacturing 1000V MC4 Connector, which is designed to connect solar panels and other photovoltaic system components. The MC4 Connector is compatible with various types of solar cables and modules, and can withstand harsh environmental conditions.

The MC4 Connector has a unique self-locking mechanism and a snap-in locking system, which can prevent accidental disconnection and ensure good electrical conductivity. The MC4 Connector also has a waterproof and dustproof design, which can prevent moisture and dirt from entering the contact area.

The Professional Manufacturing 1000V MC4 Connector has many advantages over other connectors, such as:

•  The MC4 Connector can provide a secure and stable connection, with a rated current of 30A and a rated voltage of 1000V, which can meet the requirements of different solar systems and applications.

•  The MC4 Connector can support high current and voltage, with a low contact resistance and a low power consumption, which can improve the efficiency and performance of the solar system.

•  The MC4 Connector can reduce the installation time and cost, with a simple and convenient plug-and-play operation, which does not require any special tools or skills.

•  The MC4 Connector can comply with the international standards and certifications, such as TUV, UL, CE, and RoHS, which indicate that the connector meets the necessary safety and quality requirements.

The Professional Manufacturing 1000V MC4 Connector is made of high-quality materials, such as T2 copper, beryllium copper, and PPO, which ensure its durability and long-lasting performance. The connector nut has a resistance to prevent loose structure design, which can avoid the loosening of the connection due to vibration or thermal expansion. The metal parts inside adopt the tin plating processing, which can enhance the corrosion resistance and the wear resistance of the connector. The contact spring coil adopts high quality beryllium copper tin plating, which can provide a strong and stable contact force and a low contact resistance. The connector shell adopts imported PPE materials, which have high flame retardancy, insulation, and corrosion resistance. The service life of the connector is up to 25 years.

The Professional Manufacturing 1000V MC4 Connector is a high-performance and long-life product that can help the solar industry to achieve higher efficiency and performance. Zhejiang Boneng is committed to providing the best solutions for solar junction boxes and connectors, and to contributing to a clean and renewable energy future.

For more information about the Professional Manufacturing 1000V MC4 Connector, please contact us at / You can also check out some of other products, such as the Photovoltaic Solar Cell Protection Schottky Rectifier YX-01, the Including fuse connector, and the Thin film PV system confluence box PV-BN006-XX. Zhejiang Boneng is looking forward to hearing from you and serving your needs.

Professional manufacturing 1000V MC4 connector

Post time: Feb-29-2024